Tuesday, November 25, 2008

best friend

Mark.. hahaha the other day he wanted to see my cell phone to take a picture and i didn't let him so then we started wrestling and then we ended up in a big marker fight...
Mom wasn't home at the time so she didn't tell us to stop messing around like she usually does. haha this was a fun day!! memories i will never forget!

definitely not a cute picture but it shows how much fun we had.. :] he thinks he won but.. he didn't.. I always win.. plus i made him bleed so that's a for sure win right there! :D

Sunday, November 9, 2008

ugh :[

Okay so mark is leaving in 30 days.. I really don't want him to leave.. i know he's doing the right thing but i just don't want him to be gone for so long.. the longest i have been away from him is like a week and 2 years... it just seems like forever!

I'm pretty sure the day i have to say bye to my best friend will be the hardest day of my life.. I'm so scared for him to go.. i don't know why because its going to bless him and our family but i just don't want to be so far away for SO long.. he leaves only a few days after my birthday and 9 days before Christmas.. im going to miss him so bad.