Saturday, August 23, 2008

Alright, i haven't updated anything in a while.. so i thought i would write about all the stuff that has happened in between my last post and now..

Well i have started (early morning) Seminary. So far it has been a lot of fun. I have started high school and its kinda scary.. i wonder what high school would be like in Utah.. where everyone is Mormon and not a lot of people are swearing or talking about drugs and sex. I hate having to ride the bus from Seminary to school because its like a spiritual high when i walk out of Seminary then i get on the bus and its lost in the crowd of people that think they are cool because the say swear words. I didn't think Arizona would be such a culture shock but i guess i was REALLY wrong. Even still, after living here almost 3 years it blows my mind how different the people are here.

High School is amazing.. there are some days i hate it.. ha ha. All my teachers are pretty cool and I have made so many friends. Ooh and the boys!! WOO! ha ha they're pretty attractive. My mom gets mad when I talk about all my guy friends ha ha and I'm like mom just be happy I don't like girls. (no offence.. sorry. what ever floats your boat.) ha ha. Most of my friends are older than me like juniors and seniors.. because my volleyball friends introduced me to all their friends and now i cant even keep them all straight. :]

Game day!! Volleyball season has just started. :] we have only lost 2 games.. I'm on the JV team at Cienega High School. I hope someday i can get a scholarship to go play volleyball somewhere. that would be amazing. <3>

9 months and i can get my permit!! Im always bugging my family to let me drive. It's so fun.. Mark is the one who really lets me drive. Ha ha. These 3 years in Arizona have really flown by.. Some days it feels like we just barley moved here.. I feel like im growing up so fast. :] Im almost aloud to date!! ha ha im really excited for that [; I miss being a little kid though.. I have become a young lady! ha ha

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.M@k3nZ!e. said...

hey man, its 2 years at the end of this month ;)
and I don't let you drive because the one time i did you almost killed us! HAHAHAHA